A state of priorities

“We’re number one!”

“Nick Saban is country’s highest-paid public employee.”

“We’re number one!”

@AlabamaFTBL coach Nick Saban earned $11.7 million last year and is the highest paid public employee in the country.

And in standings of secondary priority, Alabama comes in at…

#46 out of 50  states in health care.

(Remember. #1 is the goal. National Champions, so to speak.)

#47 in education.

#48 in opportunity.

#42 in crime and corrections.

Should I go on?

Overall, Alabama ranks #46 out of 50.

If it’s any consolation, Mississippi and Louisiana bring up the rear.

But I digress. We really need to be talking football here.

Many argue that Coach Saban is not being paid by Alabama’s taxpayers. They would counter that his salary comes from alumni, endowments, and the revenue the school is making off of their football program. Well, they’d better acquire more funding if they want to keep him there…

In 2017, Bloomberg found that Alabama football is built on a crippling debt and owes $225 million over the next 28 years in borrowed debt on their program.

But I don’t believe that this public official, (and don’t forget that this is a state university, meaning it uses taxpayer funds),  has to worry about personal debt. Not only was his house at $3.1 million dollars paid off, but his property taxes are also being picked up by the Crimson Tide Foundation.

Bet this isn’t his house…


“Alabama Has the Worst Poverty in the Developed World, U.N. Official Says”

Maybe. But they have the #1 college football team in the world.

Priorities people. Priorities.

This may sound like a personal hit piece on Coach Saban. It isn’t. More to come