There is no reason

There is not one good reason. And that is good enough. That should be your answer to my last post.

Your faith, your belief, “is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

God is incomprehensible, therefore you cannot give a reason. But He has revealed himself to you by becoming man and therefore you can “know” God without understanding or comprehending him.

Make sense? For a Christian it does.

But I need to go on and talk about the tenor of that post. Sounded a bit bitter didn’t it? It was. I admit it. Because I have beat myself up most all of my life trying to be a true believer, trying to attain “the peace that passeth all understanding”, begging that the God of Christianity would heal me and transform me, or at the very least give me some relief.

It never came.

I have been told by Christians that someday God will explain it all to me.

I have been told that God answers prayer with a no.

I have been told that His grace is sufficient for me. (Whatever that means.)

Just let me say, that I am proud for people that are so assured and confident and comforted and blessed and rewarded in their faith; that their main goal in life is waiting to go to Heaven and be with God for eternity.  More power to you. I think it’s great that your faith or “the” faith has fulfilled you and sustains you for all your days upon this earth and has made you a better person, or even if not a better person, a “saved” person. That is special, at least for you…if what you believe is true.

But I believe that people ought to be free to believe what they want to believe or not believe.

And for me, it’s become the latter.

And because I favor having tangible substance and tangible evidence, I can’t give myself one good reason to believe in the Christian’s God, even if it’s needed or not.

ADDED: As I was reading my received emailed newsletters after publishing this post I found this to be apropos…“Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul,” Walt Whitman

…from the incredible Sunday newsletter by Maria Popova… Brain Pickings.